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My name is Kyle Sealey. I launched Kobah Industries in 2016 as a result of a lifelong passion for art and design combined with nearly 20 years of experience in the craft beer industry. I've been called an artist, dreamer, designer, fabricator, obsessive tinkerer, engineer, mad scientist, and worse.  My (extremely patient) partner, wife and better half is Gemilla Sealey. She makes it all go and makes it all worth it.




I create new and innovative beverage experiences through machines which serve as functional works of art.  


Services include custom design, fabrication, sales, rental and maintenance of specialized beverage dispensing equipment and displays for consumer and trade events. Contact me below to discuss projects and rates


Why Kobah?


The name Kobah refers to a place of amazing recreation and inspiration. A vast snow filled playground, and a dynamic everchanging canvas for an active imagination -- one which never fails to lift my spirits while opening my mind toward new possibilities.






















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